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Filed Under (Daily Success Tips) by TracyEchols

This is a very important aspect of the goal setting and making sure that we are keeping track of the goals and results we should be achieving by now. We’re starting to see a bit of a difference and getting some consistency OR fallen off the wagon all together. Which is it for you? In order to help continue progress toward the goal, you can put together and accountability chart that looks something like this:

                                                                 Mon      Tues     Wed.     Thurs.     Fri.     Sat.     Sun.

Exercised 4 x/week                                    x                       x                           x                       x

Quality time with Family                                     x                            x                                   x

3 x/week

I am Smoke Free                                                         x                                                          

I eat dessert twice                                       x                                                                x


Put your 5 top goals on an accountability sheet and post it where you can see it. If you want additional encouragement, put it where your family can see it as well and commit to them to achieve your goals. This is especially important to teach your spouse and family what your priorities might be so that they can also encourage you and help to hold you accountable. It can be with eating, praying, sleeping, working, exercise or any other area of your life that you want to see different results.  Put together your action and accountability plan and good luck on getting the results you desire!

To Your Success!


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